Website Transferservice

make a smooth move

Stop beeing concerned about the hassles of transfering your website with all its content and settings.
Make a smart move with our free of charge Transfer Service and let hostmax take care of all necessary tasks to move your site on to our clustered hosting system.

No downtime durring transfer procedure!

All effort by hostmax!

100% free of charge!

Yes, right. Free of charge!
We won't invoice you, for the time you paid your current hosting solution, if you proof us the paiment by fax or by mail.

We have designed the procedure of transfering as easy as possible.

To get it rolling simply register online for a Hosting of your choice and apply for the transfer service during the Account setup. With your informations provided we will start to transfer your files, databases and mail-accounts to our cluster. In special cases we will contact you to discuss the procedure of the transfer and the handling of certain mailaccounts.

As soon as your content is transfered and all checks by us are done, we will send you a temporary link to your new account. Take your time to check all your content at your new home.

Terms & Conditions

  • only valid by registering online with detailed transfer informations
  • copy of the last paid bill of your current hosting by mail or fax.
  • Domain Name has to be registered for at least 3 months.
  • This offer is limited to webhosting services only!